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Reasons why diamond is considered as a wedding tradition

It is not new that we have seen people flaunting their diamond rings to show they are engaged or married. Have you ever wondered why people strive to buy diamond rings before they reach out to someone special for a marriage proposal? Why is bowing down holding a diamond ring in hand considered to be the most auspicious period in someone’s life?

It is not just because of its value; diamonds also have a history and tradition attached. Once upon a time, these precious stones were considered auspicious to turn off the evil eyes and the bad spirits. In many cases, diamonds were used to cure illnesses. Thus, someone gifting diamond jewelry such as diamond earrings, rings, or necklace means the giver really values the receiver and wanted good for them always.

Why is diamond considered as a wedding tradition?

Diamonds had simple looks in the past. According to the history, these were clearly and easily visible for their standard looks. However, things have changed. The brands have emerged with array of designs in diamond jewelry. Diamond engagement ring is the symbol of someone is taken which has been a tradition for centuries.

Other than its value, it also indicates that the person is highly valuable to the giver and thus, he/she deserve a diamond. Diamond is still a rare and unaffordable piece to many. A diamond is forever and thus, people spend their hard earned savings in buying it for the wedding. Other than wedding, celebrities have a fascination of wearing diamonds. It is an indication of the worth and value they carry on their personality.

Diamond looks great on engagement and wedding rings. For women, it is a sign that they are taken by someone special who knows their worth. Other than the wedding ring, women love to flaunt diamond jewelry, specially diamond earrings and necklace.

Final words:

Regardless of the tradition, it is a moment of pride, love, and joy to receive a diamond ring as a gift. Fortunately, diamond can be cut and customized as per the desired shape with advanced tools and techniques. Thus, you don’t have to restrict yourself with the typical shape of diamond. If you are unable to find the desired design, take a look at some of the branded stores and discuss with them of your dream design. They will make it for you.

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