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All About The Famous Tengen Uzui Cosplay

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Tengen Uzui is a pivotal supporting figure as well as a key figure in the Entertainment District Company. As the previous Sound Hashira, he was a former chief of the Slayer Demon Corps.


Tengen Uzui Cosplay is a broad-shouldered, tall, fit man with white hair and a light-tanned complexion. His hair is tied with three more noticeable, shorter puffs arching to stay as small bangs between the eyes and on his face. The anime’s hair is an uneven length, with the longest strands reaching his shoulders. With pretty eyelash flowing to the opposite part of his entire face, each of his rather tiny, maroon eyes has an inward-slanting appearance. He is quite beautiful, as many ladies and even Zenitsu have said. He now employs his appearance as an instrument for his tasks anytime persuasion is required as a result of this.

Tengen’s daily attire for Slayer Demon Corps duty consists of a sleeveless, dark turquoise variation of the normal Demon Slayer dress, a burgundy fabric wrap over his calves, tattsuke-bakama leggings that are tucked in, and a white-strapped Zri. He also has one pair of blue coloured gloves that are fastened around his fingers and a pure white colour band, two small golden rings around his arms, and two thin gold rings, and around his hand’s wrists.

Tengen additionally wears a headband that holds his hair, exposing only a small ponytail that hangs behind his head from between its layers. This ponytail is accented by a sizable pale grey headband that is embellished with six pink gemstones, three tiny and covered in a triangle to the far left and three large and arranged in a line. He also has what appears to be the perfect red eye makeup around his right eye, consisting of alternating little and large dots that travel inward of his eye, hanging from each side of this headgear in the form of a chain of smaller, pale blue gemstones that frames his face.

He changes the overall appearance to match the loss of his right hand and eye after retiring from the Demon Slayer Corps as a result of the wounds he received during his battle with Gyutaro. He now sports a long, black and aqua-coloured yukata and haori, and has removed his old headwrap in favour of a dark eyepatch decorated with what appears to be the last of the gemstones from his previous headdress. His hair now hangs loosely past his shoulders.

Shinobi Instruction

Tengen was a ninja from a shinobi family before he joined the Demon Slayer Corps and turned into a Hashira. All of Tengen’s brothers were killed during his brutal training, except his younger brother, who developed a cruel and icy exterior.

But as a result of his thorough shinobi training, Tengen has a high level of technical proficiency with explosives and kunai weapons. The extreme pain tolerance and poison resistance he developed during his training also allowed him to survive Gyutaro’s poison and continue fighting despite receiving numerous wounds and losing his hand.

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