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3 Oxford Shirts for Men

In order to thrill your boring everyday office style, you need to add oxford shirts to your apparel collection as they are everyday men’s attires. They are not only comfortable but also breathable, making them magnificent gear for men. Oxford shirts can be the best addition to every man’s wardrobe as they are lightweight so that you feel calm. In addition to that, they are also durable, allowing you to wear oxford shirts even casually.

They are versatile that make oxford shirts to pair with any legging such as pants, denim, jeans and more while providing the same dashing look. Men never compromise on style while demanding to look handsome effortlessly, so oxford shirts are the ultimate pick. They come in eye-catching colors and designs that will meet your style. The outstanding part is that this blog shortlisted the best oxford shirts, especially for men to get with ease and look dashing.

1- Lacoste Men’s Regular Fit Oxford Shirt

Lacoste Men’s Regular Fit Oxford Shirt is exceptional in supplying enough comfort and style, making it the perfect option for men to get. This oxford shirt is designed with a typical button-finish collar, cover rib cage pocket and buttons that meet together for delivering an impressive look. It comes in two shades including white and blue that you can choose as per your choice. The material of this oxford shirt is cotton which will give a soft sense when you wear this oxford shirt. It will offer an exquisite look by serving a regular fit. The unexpected part is that you can purchase this oxford shirt, polos, t-shirts, knitwear, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, trousers, shorts, sports clothing, swimwear, accessories and many more at budget-friendly costs if you use Lacoste code on its online store.

2- Buck Mason Perfect Oxford Shirt

When it comes to decent design oxford shirt Buck Mason Perfect Oxford One Pocket Shirt is not a bad choice for men. It is available in different sizes, including small, large, medium and more that you pick accordingly to get a slim fit. The material of this shirt has a hundred percent cotton which makes it breathable. Next to that, it comes in two colors that are black and white, which you can pick as per your choice. You can also contrast this oxford shirt with denim to get a quick stylish look for going out. It is well-stitched to make it body-friendly so that you can move your arms and shoulders freely.

3- Wythe Oxford Cloth Button Down

If you want to look handsome and professional, then Wythe Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt is one of the finest picks for men. It has edged back and sleeves, making it different from others. This oxford shirt features a visible pocket and will give a standard fit. It brings several options of sizes, including small, medium, large and more that you can select accordingly. This shirt possesses a vintage collar that provides this shirt with a modern expression. Likewise, the material of this oxford shirt is cotton which makes it lightweight, so that you can feel soft. It is available in three different design that keeps plain and lining print.

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